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 Anti Crime Unit [Case-Files]

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PostSubject: Anti Crime Unit [Case-Files]   Mon Apr 06, 2009 7:06 am

Case File Codes
Red-This is a HIGH Classification. In order to call in a Red you must have enough evidence. Everyone must be in a Red Classification they all must stop what they are doing, and begin their work here.
Green - This Classification means the Case-file is close and solved
Yellow - This Classification means this case is meduim. We are trying to shut them down befor it gets more risky.
When you make a case file, please put one of these codes on so Agents can see what kind of work they have to deal with

* Satellite Goverment Laptop.
*High Quality MicroPhone Chips.
*High Goverment Satellite Phone.
*Tape Recorder.
*High Digital Gov' Camera.
*Tracking Device.
* Our own crime lab
*uniforms/Un-uniforms people
*Access to Gov files/supplies.
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Anti Crime Unit [Case-Files]
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